System Design

Maxson Network offers video broadcast, control room, and information display solution. Customer looking to streamline their live broadcast operation at a sports stadium or a TV station, or set up a large LED screen, a network of LCD screens for video walls for advertising or corporate branding, we can offer a solution to support customer's needs.

Software Development, Systems Integration and Implementation

System Config 750
Maxson Network designs and develops custom video broadcast control software tailored to individual customer's workflow with multiple channel control and video graphics rendering together with video equipment control as well as interface to other systems for live data retrieval to streamline operation. Maxson Network also designs and develops software for digital signage and interactive systems.

Content Creation and Management

Content Rendering 750x250
Maxson Network designs and creates graphics and animations, manages content updates, and manages display schedules to support customers' digital signage systems. Maxson Network enriches DSS with live data including news, weather, and financial information such as world indices, stocks, and forex.

System Maintenance and Technical Support

maintenance w person
Maxson Network offers on-going maintenance and support services to look after the systems for our customers.